Please read the whole list, it could save you from getting into trouble!

1. Use common sense.

2. No usage of profanity near someone who appears to dislike it. The individual will be given punishment if it is shown that they have continued using profanity although they've been told to stop.

3. No advertising of any sort when it involves recruiting players to any other source of entertainment. This includes other games or private servers of any kind.

4. No unfair advantages over players. For example, staff members handing out rare items or massive amounts of gold to players. It is acceptable that they hand out small gifts,
such as an EXP scroll to help them feel welcomed to the server.

5. No spamming or consecutive use of capital letters in the shoutbox.

6. No spamming in the server or forum.

7. Do not try to impersonate someone else. This includes pretending to be a staff
member or another player without the original person's acknowledgment & approval.
This means you should definitely not use any names that can be confused as another person or staff member.

8. Of course, no botting, hacking, manipulating files or playing the game unfairly.

9. A player should not join this server with intention to seek any type of harm to the server or cause a bad experience to a player purposely in any shape or form. If one does, their stay will not last long. This server, website, and game are monitored by Anonymous Hacktivists. We will not tolerate any abuse to the game, website, or server at all.

10. No discrimination or degrading of one's status(race, sex, etc). One's opinion is their own, no one needs to hear it.(or if you're gonna be a smartass) it.

11. Don't be a kiss-ass to the staff or bad-mouth, insult, annoy, harass, or provoke members
of the staff.

12. No griefing. Bad players are bad players

13. Do not give out your login information to anyone, for any reason. It is only allowed with staff permission or notification. Staff will let you know if you can or not. A reason will also be given at the time of request.